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Vereniging voor Christelijk Hoger Onderwijs, Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek en Patientenzorg (VU University Amsterdam), The Netherlands

Beneficiary 1a. Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM)
The research community of the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) of about 140 scientists and support staff is organized within four departments. The Department of Chemistry & Biology (C&B) combines analytical chemical and toxicological approaches to contribute to the risk assessment of potentially hazardous substances.
Key Personnel - Dr. Juliette Legler is a toxicologist with expertise in assessing the effects of EDCs, in particular their molecular mechanisms, using in vitro and in vivo models. She is the coordinator of OBELIX. Dr. Timo Hamers is an environmental toxicologist with expertise in the in vitro toxicity profiling of mechanisms of EDCs. He is the deputy coordinator of OBELIX. Mr. Stefan van Leeuwen works on food safety research in relation to POPs and perfluorinated compounds (PFCs). Mr. A.L. (Thijs) van Boxtel is a biologist with training in molecular and developmental biology and expertise in gene expression and epigenetics analysis.
Key role- This beneficiary will be responsible for the overall coordination of the project and dissemination of the results (WP-4). Furthermore they are responsible for analysis of chemical contaminants in the samples from the cohorts in WP-1 and in the in vivo studies in WP-2. They will contribute to the elucidation of epigenetic mechanisms underlying the developmental programming of obesity using in vitro models (WP-2), as well as the risk assessment (WP-3).

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Beneficiary 1b. Institute of Health Sciences (IHS)
The Institute of Health Sciences (IHS) is a research community of about 50 scientists and is organized within six departments. The Health & Life department aims to assess the role of nutrition and environmental pollution to impaired hormonal regulation during conception, embryonic and foetal development, and ultimately obesity. This will be done by prospectively studying maternal and child nutritional behavior and environmental pollution from prior to conception until puberty in a regional survey of 1500 pregnant mothers and their offspring in the greater Zwolle area, the Netherlands.
Key personnel - Professor Margot van de Bor is a pediatrician-neonatologist. Her main area of research is the cognitive outcome of infants born after energy shortage in utero.
Key role Beneficiary 1b is responsible for the cohort of pregnant mothers in the greater Zwolle area.

Key references
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