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Beneficiary 7. SZU - Slovenska Zdravotnicka Univerzita v Bratislave (Slovak Medical University), Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Slovak Medical University (Slovenská zdravotnícka univerzita, SZU) is the only institution in Slovakia entirely focused on medical research, carrying out both, experimental and clinical science. It gathers multidisciplinary research groups aimed to assess and reduce the negative impact of environmental factors on health of the population. Three departments of the SZU will participate in OBELIX: Department of toxic organic pollutants, Department of medical genomics and Department of environmental medicine. Their tasks will be identification of potential parameters of prenatal and early childhood development associated to incidence of obesity and associated chronic degenerative and other diseases in adolescent and adult age. One of the objectives is to select candidate genes that are of primary importance in genetic predisposition to obesity. SZU will contribute data from the Michalovce cohort.

Key Personnel- Tomas Trnovec (M), M.D., PhD., D.Sc., senior scientist in pharmacology, radiotoxicology and environmental medicine, mainly regarding effects of PCBs and dioxins. Prof. Trnovec has a long-standing experience in leading of research teams, including coordination of international projects.
Maria Dusinska (F), MSc, PhD, expert in genetics, and molecular epidemiology. Lubica Palkovicova (F), MD, PhD, senior scientist in environmental medicine and epidemiology.
Bozena Smolkova (F), MSc, PhD, expert in genetics, and molecular epidemiology. Jana Tulinska (F), MD, PhD, senior scientist in immunotoxicology; cellular and molecular mechanisms of toxicity. Anton Kocan (M), PhD, senior scientist in analytical chemistry.

Key references
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