Workpackage 1: Human exposure and health assessment

Exposure assessment
The foundation of the exposure and health assessment research in OBELIX is a European network of mother-child cohorts. Seven European birth cohorts from four countries (Belgium-BE, Netherlands-NL, Norway-NO and Slovakia-SK) with different food contaminant exposure patterns will be included. Exposure data of EDCs in cord blood, maternal serum, and in some cases breast milk, will be collected from the birth cohorts and harmonized. If not yet available, additional chemical analysis will be carried out using high quality, state of the art analysis methods.

Human health assessment
Plasma/serum concentrations of effect biomarkers which are crucial for lipid and glucose homeostasis and metabolism, and anthropometric parameters will be collected or measured. Relevant covariates (such as child sex, ethnicity, maternal age, maternal pre-pregnancy BMI, maternal and paternal weight and height, maternal diabetes or gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, parity, medication use in pregnancy, alcohol and tobacco use during pregnancy, life style factors, socioeconomic status measures) will be measured or derived through questionnaires. Detailed information on maternal diet will be analysed from food questionnaires.

The Obelix Project